Pay Ticket:


CLEMIS is now offering a service to the public in an effort to make paying tickets more convenient. Civil Infraction and Misdemeanor tickets (some exceptions apply) for the following courts may be paid by Visa, MasterCard and Discover via this Web site:

Note: Tickets for the following four courts can be paid via the web site PayTickets - 52 District Courts. Payments to other courts, may select CONTINUE to proceed.


Following are the exceptions for paying on-line,

  1. If today's date is past the due date listed on your ticket, you will not be able to pay on-line.
  2. If your driver's license has been suspended through Secretary of State, you cannot pay your ticket on-line. You must appear in court to pay and obtain your clearance card.
  3. Other exceptions may exist for paying on-line. If this is the case, you will receive a message stating that payment is not allowed via the Web site.
No Proof of Insurance Tickets:

If you have valid proof of insurance that shows you were insured for the vehicle in question at the time you were ticketed, you must present it to the court by the appearance date on the ticket so that your violation can be handled properly. If you pay via this Web site without first providing valid proof of insurance, the violation will appear on your driving record and you will be subject to additional fees imposed by the Department of State.


Please allow at least 2 to 3 days for your ticket to be available on this Web site. The unavailability of your ticket on this Web site does not release you from paying the ticket by the due date.

The screens following these instructions will walk you through the payment procedure. You will be able to search for your ticket(s) by:

  1. Ticket number and last name or
  2. Driver's license number and last name
The ticket number is located at the top of your ticket and may be in red or black ink.

When your search results are returned, please be sure to choose the correct ticket you wish to pay. No partial payments will be accepted. Full payment will be allowed by VISA or MasterCard only. Once your payment has been approved, you will have the option of printing a receipt.

Service Fees:

An Service Fees will be charged to your account for using this Web site service. This fee is for the purpose of maintaining and updating the Web site and will be displayed prior to checkout.


If you do not understand these instructions, or if you have questions about what you must do, please contact the court listed on your ticket during regular business hours on or before the appearance date specified on the front of the ticket.


By paying a ticket via this Web site, the defendant is admitting responsibility for the ticket and is waiving his/her right to a hearing. Once a defendant admits responsibility for a ticket, if applicable for the offense listed on the ticket, an abstract is processed with Secretary of State to assess points on the defendant's driving record.

Admit Responsibility:

I enter my appearance, waive my right to a hearing, and I admit responsibility for the civil infraction alleged on this ticket. I understand that there may be points assessed through the Secretary of State, which will appear on my driving record.

Final Note:

The unavailability of this Web site does not release you from paying the ticket by the due date.