Welcome to the Online Citizens Police Reporting System

If this is an Emergency please call 911.... now!

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  This system allows you to submit a report about an incident that has occurred to your local police department. The following types of incidents can be reported on-line:

  • Harassing phone calls/No known suspects.
  • Theft/ No Known Suspects.
  • Damaged Property / Vandalism.
  • Identity Theft/ No known suspects.
  • Lost Property.
  • Private property traffic crash/ Parked unattended, returned to find had been struck.

  Once your information has been submitted to your local police department, you will receive a confirmation number. This is not a police report number. This is a temporary number until your report is reviewed by department personnel.

  Within 72 hours you will receive a notice from your police department that will advise you that your report was either:

  • Approved- then you will be provided with an incident number and instructions for obtaining a police report.


  • Not approved- then you will be provided with an explanation as to why it was not approved.

  All cases filed using Citizens Online Police Reporting System will be reviewed.

  Please answer the following questions to determine if "online citizen police report filing" is right for you:

a) Is this an Emergency?
b) Are there any Known Suspects?
c) Did this occur within the City/Village/Twp limits?
d) Did this occur on a highway?